Health Benefits Of Playing Billiards


Billiards is a game that requires pool sticks (or cues) to hit hard balls into one of six pockets. Each round, whatever game type one decides to play, is uniquely done and requires players to be physically adept and mentally agile. Playing billiards has health benefits too. Here are a few:

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Playing billiard helps players build focus and concentration. In billiards, they focus and concentrate on their targets (the target ball and the cue ball), the angle of their cue, the angle the cue ball once it is hit, and if it will strike the target ball.

It helps burn calories as it involves a lot of walking around the pool: a typical 2-hour session often provides 100 trips around the table’s perimeter, which is equivalent to walking approximately three-quarters of a mile.

Playing billiard enables stretching as one has to bend across the tabletop to reach the cue ball and enhances balance, as well as the game, requires one to stand on one foot at a certain time.

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It helps build control. Billiard players are less likely to panic amid crisis because they are used to playing something that lets them think clearly and logically, enabling them to consider the most pertinent facts and details.

Billiard players who frequently play often have sharper minds as the game requires mathematical estimates and calculations, such as basic physics and geometry.

It is also fun for all ages. Anyone can play billiards regardless of age and sex, and it can be a regular family event.

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